What are the differences in features between ZP92/ZP96 vs. ZP93/ZP97?
Oct ,2014

New tools ZP93/ZP97 are the 3rd-generation of the original ZP92/ZP96 series launched about 3 years ago. We changed the original battery housing in the back of the tool in order to fit the new Bosch battery. We not only kept the good features from original ZP92/ZP96 series, we have also advanced these features further. ZAPAK aims in maximizing the overall quality and provide you with even more stable, efficient, and price competitive strapping tools.


Effective immediately, ZP93 replaces previous ZP92 model.  ZP97 replaces previous ZP96 model.



Original ZP92/ZP96

New ZP93/ZP97

Advantage of ZP93/ZP97

Brushless Motor

2nd-Generation Motor

3rd-Generation Motor

*More stable Tension & Sealing performance

Li-Ion Battery

18V, 3.0Ah

(Panasonic or Sanyo)

18V, 4.0Ah


*More efficient

strapping cycle increased

*with Charge level indicator device

Strapping Cycle per charge

Approx. 300 cycles

(based on 16x1.0 PET)

Approx. 440 cycles

(based on 16x1.0 PET)

*More productive:

Strapping cycle numbers increased up to 40%

*Battery power consumption decreased and battery service life is prolonged

Weight w/Battery

Approx 3.5 kg

Approx 3.4 kg

*The lightest tool in the same class

*Less operation fatigue


There are more improvements that will be implemented in the new ZP93/ZP97 to ensure further precision in the tensioning and sealing structures in order to achieve the highest efficiency and service life of tool. We will send comparison charts with details when shipping new tools ZP93/ZP97 to our distributors.




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