Why Zapak 3rd Gen. Brushless Motor works perfectly with Bosch 18V Li-ion battery?
Oct ,2014

(1)   It’s even more productive.  The battery capacity of Bosch Li-Ion battery is now increased up to 4Ah (4000 mAh), instead of 3Ah (3000 mAh) before.  User gets more strapping cycles from a fully charged battery than before.  However, it requires a high efficiency Brushless Motor to work well with the battery in order to achieve a very high number of strapping cycles. Take ZP93 new tool for instance, with 3rd generation Brushless Motor installed in ZP93 tool and new ECU, the number of strapping cycles per charge can be increased from originally about 300 cycles ( for ZP92/ZP96) up to about 440 cycles (for ZP93/ZP97) ,based on PET strap 16mm x 1mm.  It’s more than 40% growth on the out-put of each battery charge.  In result, the operation run-time of tool is much longer and productivity is increased.


(2)   It’s even more efficient.  Rechargeable battery has a “Capacity vs. Charge” curve throughout its life below (Diagram A). The initial cycles before 200-300 charges have the maximum capacity before it slowly drops until it dies eventually. With the high power-efficiency on brushless motor, the operation time expectancy on battery peak capacity (initial 200-300 charge) is prolonged. User will enjoy a prolonged service time by a healthy battery when using a high-efficiency Brushless Motor.


(3)   It’s even more stable.  Stable power out-put from 3rd generation motor enables the tension

& sealing functions of tools to perform even more steadily.


(4)   The fewer times for battery recharge, the fewer chances for the battery to get aged by frequent internal chemical reactions.  So the battery capacity will be maintained at optimized status as long as possible.


(5)   The fewer times of recharge, the longer interval between each recharge and chances that battery gets heated up by charging process becomes less. Hence, the battery life can be prolonged due to less heat-up.


(6)   Since battery can be well protected and battery life can be thus prolonged, it save users costs to purchase additional batteries in a short time. That will be a good cost saving to users.


To sum up, user gains more productivity from a healthier Li-Ion battery when working with a Brushless Motor..