Feb , 2019  

Dear friends and partners,


We are excited to present to you the newest ZAPAK 25mm Strap Welder, Model No. : ZP-SW25A which will be available in the end of Jan. 2019.  


ZP-SW25A Strap Welder is your BEST SOLUTION for sealing a wide range of PET/PP straps up to maximum width 25mm.  Most importantly, it solves your problems when it’s so difficult to find a 25mm manual strap sealer or 25mm metal seals for your 25mm PET straps.  Even if you are able to find 25mm metal seals, they are so expensive and your overall purchase costs will be much increased.  


ZP-SW25A is a battery powered Strap Welder.  We took the same approach as our successful series of ZAPAK ZP90A/ ZP93A/ ZP97A combination tools. We have reduced its weight as much as we can without sacrificing any durability and reliability.  It’s the LIGHTEST battery Strap Welder in same class of tools.


ZP-SW25A works perfectly with any manual tensioners for plastic straps.  It can also work as a stand-alone battery Strap Welder to perform a single joint or multiple joints as desired.  ZP-SW25A Strap Welder SAVES much of your operation time and costs as you don’t need to purchase metal seals any more.  Your sealing jobs will become so effortlessly and efficiently as it takes only few seconds to seal a joint.


For more details, please find leaflet attached.  We believe you will find ZP-SW25A powerful, efficient and cost saving.   We are ready to accept your first order of trial units now.  Please contact ZAPAK team to confirm your interest as soon as possible.    


Thank you for your kind support and best regards,



The ZAPAK Team,